You have the choice of casting your votes through one of the following voting channels (choose one only):

a. Postal Voting

b. SMS Voting System

c. USSD Voting System; OR

d. Internet Voting System; OR


Please note that the voting channels (b) to (d) will only be accessible for casting votes from 2 January to 28 February 2020

Remember, you may only choose one voting channel only from the above. If for any reason, you decide to use more than one voting channel, please be aware that only the votes that reach the Independent Electoral Officer first, will be considered. All others will be disregarded.



How do I know whether I can use Postal Voting?

Postal Voting is meant for Pensioners and Deferred Pensioners only. In-service members will not receive their voting packs by post.


I know that I qualify to cast my ballot through the post. How exactly does it work?

See Postal and Online Voting

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