Only Pensioners and Deferred Pensioners will receive Voting Packs by Post. POSTAL VOTING can be done through the post office. When you have received your ballot paper by post, you can submit it physically at any of the designated voting sites.



Post BRE back at any Post Office




Please check your post regularly until you receive your voting pack

Voting Pack from Post Office is delayed


Request Access Key


Go to a site & Cast your ballot at a kiosk


Submitting Your Ballot through the Post Office


Voting packs have been sent by post to all eligible members of EPPF. Please make sure that you receive your pack in time to submit your ballot before the last day of voting. If you have not received you pack or you anticipate not receiving it for some reason, please call 0800 128 452 (toll-free) or email the independent electoral officer at


The Voting Pack includes a notice of the voting phase, a barcoded ballot paper, a pre-addressed business reply envelope (BRE) and a candidate booklet showing the profiles of all candidates featured on the ballot paper.


As the recipient, you need to complete the ballot paper following the instructions printed on it. Once filled in, the ballot paper must be placed into the BRE, sealed and posted back to the sender from any post office.

Should you use any other envelope to post your ballot, please address it to Independent Electoral Officer, EPPF Trustee Elections, Postnet Suite 305, Private Bag X3, Northriding, 2162. Please note that you will have to pay postage costs/buy a postage stamp.


We estimate that it will take 10 to 14 days for the BRE to reach the independent electoral officer. Please make sure that it is posted well ahead of the closing date.

Voting in Person at a Physical Voting Site


As an EPPF member you have the option of depositing your completed ballot paper, which you received via the post office, into a ballot box at any one of the designated voting sites. When doing so, please make sure that the completed ballot paper is sealed into the self-addressed envelope.

You also have the option of voting at a physical site. When exercising this option, please make sure that you have your South African ID with you. This will be used to positively identify you. You will not be allowed to use the voting facility without your ID.




A "BRE" is a free, postage pre-paid business reply envelope. 

Pensioners and Deferred Pensioners may vote for a minimum of one and a maximum of two candidates only.

All postal ballot papers are secured by unique barcodes and other security features to ensure that each member votes only once and that there is no voting fraud.


Each member is issued with only one ballot.

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